Woymen words

  • It is a man’s world
  • Grab the globe, girls
  • The Earth is female stop minority thinking
  • A vote for a womyn is a vote for yourself
  • Stop punching womyn taking power as long as you don’t dare yourself
  • Support womyn when they fail don’t punish them!
  • Womyn’s faults are many men have only two everything they say and everythings they do
  • Take action and support womyn when they stumble in the power
  • Take action when power is taken away from womyn
  • Summa – summarum
  • Womyn’s claim for power is a claim for courage (in womyn)- womyncourage!
  • Courage to be self-sufficient
  • Courage to be shouted at
  • Courage to support womyn
  • Courage to fight men
  • Courage to grab responsibility –
  • courage to delegate responsibility


Womyn’s Power-rules

Brug dem – ….

Be your self – be a Witch!






  • It is a man’s world – Now it is the womyn’s ball
  • Stop thinking like a minority
  • We are more than half the world
  • Take a womyn for the job she is super qualified
  • Support womyn when they make a fool of them selves -criticize men
  • If you fail, you aren’t letting down the female race
  • Womyn are almost perfect man has never been
  • Take action when womyn are forced out of power – it is rarely their fault
  • Take action when power leaves womyn’s room
  • Remove your inner criticizing man – he is blocking your mindSumma – summarum
  •  Womyn’s claim for power is a claim for courage (in womyn)- womyncourage!
  • Courage not always to be the perfect mother
  • Courage to get dirty hands
  • Courage to admire womyn
  • Courage to criticise men
  • Courage to make your own decision – and stand up to them